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If you need photos that just work, you have come to the right place! Above All - Ohio provides affordable, professional aerial and ground-based photography, infrared imaging, and video wherever you need it!

Our images will work for you. Our aerials will show potential real estate buyers key selling points. Our construction photos will show your stakeholders the progress you're making. Our architectural photos will impress your current and prospective clients. Our infrared images will show you where you have roofing or electrical problems so you can save money and avoid unscheduled down-time.

Above All - Ohio is conveniently located in Medina, Ohio, which is between Cleveland and Akron/Canton and a quick flight away from Pittsburgh, Columbus, Toledo, Youngstown, Mansfield, and Wheeling. We are able to provide affordable aerial and ground-based location photography and infrared thermography services over quite a large area.

Please take a few minutes to look around -- and if you have any questions or if you would like a free, no-obligation quote for your projects, please do not hesitate to contact us. Let our images start working for you today!


Our images will work for you.℠

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Summer 2022 Highlights from Above All - Ohio
Summer aerials!  —   Summer is the best time to get aerial photos that will look good on display all year. Your photos will have nice, even, deep greens everywhere (well, everywhere that's not paved...). But some summer days are better for others for aerial photography (and video). To get the best results (and our best pricing...), it is always advisable to contact us before you are in a hurry and let us work your site into our schedule on the best weather day possible.

Warm days and cool nights are the best conditions for acquiring thermal imagery of your roof in order to locate trapped moisture. You can't fix what you can't see and you don't want to replace an entire roof if your problem is isolated. Let us show you exactly where the work needs to be done so you don't fix what isn't broken! The money you save can pay for the cost of an aerial infrared roof MANY times over. Get a free quote for your building(s) today!
One stop shopping from Above All - Ohio   —  When shopping for aerials, many people are jumping on the sUAS ("drone") bandwagon. Is that the best option for you? Maybe! If it is, we can help as we are licensed and insured for those operations. But maybe it isn't... maybe your site would be seen better from a higher altitude than drones can fly. Or maybe your site is in an area that is unsafe for drones (Did you know that YOU could be held liable if you hire someone that flies in a restricted area?? It's true...). Drones have made aerial photography an even more tricky business, but we can put our 17+ years of experience to work for you! All you have to do is tell us what you need and we will help you figure out the best safe and legal way to accomplish it. Please give us a call to discuss your project. When you work with us, you will be working with professional, experienced aerial photographers that operate 100% legally, 100% safely, and 100% insured. (And of course, we guarantee your 100% satisfaction...)

Level 2 Thermographer on staff  —   We now have a "Level II" certified thermographer on staff. Level 2 thermography certification focuses more on thermal science and image analysis than the basic infrared certification course. This means that we are better suited to perform our services in critical environments such as hospitals and financial instutions. Please give us a call for a quote on our infrared services today!

Full-Time, Year-Round Profesisonal Aerial Photography  —   People often ask us when we fly -- the answer is, any time! We fly whenever (and wherever...) our clients need us to, 24/7/365. When you hire us, you should expect fast, professional service and professional quality results no matter what time of the year (or day... or night...) it is when you call. We don't need to work around anyone's plane rental schedule or any kind of "day job" - our livelihood depends on this business and this business alone. Call us anytime!

Copyright Reminder  —   All of the photos, graphics, written words, and page layouts/designs that you see on our web site were created by us and are all copyrighted material. You may use the photos we have posted on our site freely for personal use only as long as you do not modify them in any way and our contact information (web site address) and copyright notice remain visible and readable. If you need larger images or images adjusted in any way to fit your needs, please contact us. We will be happy to help you.

Above All - Ohio offers its clients:
(HD and 4K)

 > Custom oblique aerials
 > Custom vertical aerials
 > Custom photo maps
 > Stock photos
 > Construction progress
    documentation / photos
 > Infrared / Thermographic
 > Infrared roof surveys
 > Infrared wildlife surveys

 > Capability to do work
     via airplane
 > Capability to do work
     via helicopter
 > Capability to do work
     via sUAS/drone

 > Architectural
 > Exteriors
 > Interiors
 > sUAS / "drone" photography
 > Aerial lift/mast photography
     (where drones are not
 > Construction progress
 > Infrared electrical
 > Infrared imaging for      preventative maintenance      (PM) and condition-based      maintenance (CBM)

 > 4K/HD aerial video
    > Via drone, helicopter,
       or airplane
    > Full post-production
    > Stock footage
 > Ground-based 4K/HD video
    > Pre-construction videos
    > Construction progress
    > Post-construction /
       final acceptance records
 > Time lapse video from aerial
    or ground-based photos
 > Thermal infrared real-time
    and time lapse videos
    (standard definition native,
    HD by upconversion)

 > Stock photography
 > Stock video
 > Video editing
 > Photographic prints
 > Archival quality prints
 > Graphics / graphic design
 > Photo retouching,
    enhancement, repair,
    and resotoration
 > HDR (High Dynamic Range)
 > Infrared / Thermographic
     inspection service
 > Geo-coded photos
 > Geo-coded photo maps

Above All - Ohio is DBE and EDGE certified - call us if your project has participation goals!

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